Root Genius Android for Best Superuser Access

Rooting is the best way to unlock true potential of your Android being the real owner of the device. But the responsibility of the whole process is with the tool choice as it can make you superuser accessed or remain bricked. So there Root Genius is a perfect root solution for any Android with both PC and APK formats. It appears with one-click root techniques to match with any Android version and device model. So there Root Genius is a complete solution for anyone in view of root.  So read about Root Genius Android to have best superuser access on your Android too.

Root genius android

Root Genius Features

  • One click Root- Root Genius does not carry you through complicated downloads and clicks as it only requires a click to proceed in root
  • Available in Portable and Setup formats- With Root Genius Download you get a choice in portable and setup formats. In portable you only have to work through exe file and do not need of install Root Genius app with extra configurations. But if you choose to work with the Setup format, you have to head Root Genius Android by installing the app on the PC
  • Recovery Mode Root- Recovery mode root only find in selected root application. So there Root Genius also includes which helps you to carry on the root automatically managing tough to root conditions too
  • Available in updated versions- Root Genius gets time to time updates in the aim of catering a wide device range. As of now you find updated version as Root Genius v3.1.7 download while the APK goes as Root Genius APK v2.2.84 download
  • Root with or without the PC- Root Genius can be used through the PC. And with the expanded ability Root Genius Android Download, you can root even without the PC. You can access to updated Root Genius APK download with version 2.2.84
  • Root Genius English Download- With Root Genius you can handle a complete comprehensive root process. And as it supports both Chinese and English languages you can download Root Genius v1.8.7 if you are not confident of a fully Chinese version
  • Root Genius Free Download- Root Genius is a complete free program. So you can root either with the PC or APK formats free of any costs
  • Comprehensive interface- Root Genius is an easy to manage program comes free. It does not contain any complicated downloads or clicks. In fact it is a clean program for any level of root fan which supports a simple and comprehensible conduct
  • Fully secured- Unlike some other root applications, Root Genius Android does not make you tired with processing. So there it guarantees a secured root without troublesome clicks and downloads. And for more it does not install any extra applications making user less troublesome

Video Guide to Root Genius Android


With a successful root you open the door for more power on Android. You can install new custom firmware/ROMs, experience powerful apps, customize every corner of Android, manage advanced setting and do a lot more with successful Android root. So there the best recommendation is Root Genius Android which can carry any user through a simple and convenient process. And as Root Genius Android works for version 2.3 to above, a wide device range is under the shelter of Root Genius benefits. If you too like to take the role, try Root Genius Download and enjoy superuser access on Android with simple one-click root.

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