Root Genius Download- Complete Root Solution for Android

Root Genius is a powerful root software supports a complete root on any Android. With sincere thanks to developer team Shaume, you can head the complete free root with Root Genius Download with both PC and APK formats. In fact Root Genius can manage a free complete root solution even without the PC for those who does not prefer connecting through the desktop. So here we’ll let you know about Root Genius Download with all side consideration for those who wish to take root level access on your Android too.

Root Genius Download


Why Root Genius Download?

Knowing the true importance of having root access, people get more loved with root. But as there are multiple tool options in view, you have to make the right move to the right tool option. So there the best recommendation for anyone in view of root is Root Genius Download, which is capable of serving a wide Android device range. And as it supports root with both PC and APK, user can easily find the suitable root option you wish for your Android in hand. You can use Root Genius through Windows PC or else directly on your Android Phone or Tablet with updated Root Genius APK download.

Rooting makes you free of stock limitations. But if you do not make the right tool choice, you might remain with a bricked device in hand rather than getting out of stock walls. In fact there are many rooting applications available but may risk you with complicated download and clicks. So there Root Genius Download is the most fitting step you can make which is made of developed one-click root techniques. In that way root with Root Genius is the super easy approach for best superuser access completely free.

Root Genius Features

  • Root with one-click approach
  • Completely free to download
  • Comes with a super easy and comprehensive interface
  • Available in Root Genius APK supporting root without PC
  • Compatible with a wide Android device range
  • Not limited to Chinese root version and available in Root Genius English Download
  • Allowed to choose from either Portable or Setup formats
  • Easy rooting with one-click techniques and comes with no extra configurations

Root Genius Supported Devices

Root Genius Download

Root Genius get updated with time. The main purpose of developers is to serve more number of devices with continuous tool changes. In fact root Genius supports all Android versions while serving a wide range of Android devices from leading manufactures. So there you too can trust Root Genius Download on your Android without any fear of risk or failures.

How to Root with Root Genius Download?

  • Step 1: Backup all your device’s data to prevent your content from getting damaged or erased
  • Step 2: Get a Windows PC prepared and make sure to install proper drivers
  • Step 3: Charge your Android Phone or Tablet for a sufficient power scale and enable USB debugging
  • Step 4: Download Root Genius on the PC and install depending the format you choose
  • Step 5: Use a proper USB and connect your device to the PC
  • Step 6: Let your device get connected with the Root Genius software
  • Step 7: Once done, click “Root”
  • Step 8: Wait for few minutes letting the process goes smoothly and note whether it completed with a reboot

Now your device is rooted with Root Genius. If you need more confirmations, get a root checker application free from the store and confirm your root status.

Video Guide to Root Genius

Root Genius APK Download

Root Genius can manage a complete root free of costs. And as it is available in both PC and APK formats you can root with or even without the PC support. If you feel troublesome with connecting to the PC, you can easily head Root Genius APK Download  which can manage the whole processing on the Android itself.


Root Genius is loved by many because of its simple and easy processing. So there you will hardly get troubles when processing with Root Genius Download. But for further good, consider the common guidelines for easy processing.

  • Make sure to be prepared with a proper Windows PC and a USB cable that matches with your device model
  • Do not use the device when processing Root Genius
  • Head Root Genius Download with the recent updated version
  • Head the PC version if you get errors connecting with Root Genius APK

Root Genius- Updated Version

Root Genius Download

Root Genius gets updated with time. As of now you care allowed download Root Genius v3.1.7 which was updated on 17th of June 2016. But as it supports only Chinese language you have an alternative choice with Root Genius v1.8.7 which was a previous updated version with English language help. And for more you can head Root Genius APK v2.2.84 if you like the process with the PC help.

Developer Credits

Chinese root developing team “Shaume” own the whole responsibility of the tool development and free distribution.

Rooting can unlock true potential of your Android. With a simple approach on Root Genius you can install Custom ROMs/Kernels, boost device’s performance, try advanced tweaks and make many more changes in your Android skin. So head Root Genius Download with no delay and take your chance for best superuser access.

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